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Our data centers host hundreds of miners - highly efficient computing equipment created specifically for the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies. They are difficult to set up and operate, so we take on all the hard work. All cryptocurrency mined in our data centers is shared between all RKS Cryptomining clients and credited to account balances depending on the contribution to the total capacity. To start mining, you need to connect to the system.

It takes only a couple of minutes to connect and start mining with RKS Cryptomining:

Step 1. Register an account, enter the necessary data and you can proceed.

Step 2. Choose the type of Mining Plan which defines which cryptocurrency you will mine. RKS Cryptomining provides 5 types of Cryptocurencyes and Mining Plans - you can purchase any or all of them, no restrictions:

Bitcoin mining:

BITCOIN - 2 - 5 Years

Ethereum mining:

ETHEREUM - 2 - 5 Years

Litecoin mining:

LITECOIN - 2 - 5 Years

Dogecoin mining:

DOGECOIN - 2 - 5 Years

Bitcoin Cash mining:

BITCOIN CASH - 2 - 5 Years

Step 3. Buy the desired Hash Power Rate by paying by any available method (you can pay with BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH). Mining begins immediately after the payment of the Mining Plan has been confirmed, and the miners are already configured by our experts to ensure maximum efficiency.

Step 4. Congratulations, the mining is up and running! From now on, your direct participation is no longer required. If the mining is profitable, you will see the first coins mined in a day - you will be able to transfer the received funds to your crypto wallet.

For more Informations please Contact our Support team, we are always here to help.